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Our Parish Council

The Parish Council meets seven times a year.   We generally meet Tuesdays at 7pm in 'The Stables' High Melton College.

Dates and timings of meetings will be published here and on the notice boards in the village.

Why not come along to the meetings and express your support or air your concerns.  Everyone is welcome.

We hold an Annual Parish Meeting in May each year.

Volunteer representatives from our community make up the Parish Council. They are occasionally joined at their meetings by ward councillors who represent our views at Doncaster Metropolitan Council Meetings.

The councils is administered by the Clerk to the Parish Council.  Sue Trenerry You may contact her


Our Councillors

  Kath Johnson  KATH JOHNSON
Contact : Here

David  David Lawson
Contact : Here 

  Mary  Mary Srivastavia
Contact : Here 

Adrian Ashfield  Adrian Ashfield
Contact : Here  

  Martin Pick  Martin Pick
Contact : Here

Sue Trenerry  Sue Trenerry
Parish Clerk
email :

Notice of Parish Council Election 6th May 2021
Parish Council elections will be held in High Melton and the Parishes published in the notice below.  Please note the statutory timings for submission of nominations.
You can view here: Notice of Election - Parish.pdf


Meeting Agendas
The agenda for every meeting is displayed on the notice boards found at Melton Mill Lane and on Doncaster road near the college entrance.  The agenda is also  published here prior to the meetings
Minutes of Meetings
You can read the minutes of the last meeting of the parish council. By convention minutes of meetings have to be agreed by the council before they are published so they will appear out of date when published but they are a true record of the previous meeting. 
Council Policy Documents
The Parish Council have published their policy documents and in accordance with their belief in business transparency, you can read them here or at the Library at High Melton College

Model Publication
We have adopted the governments Model Publication Scheme which; sets out the types of information we routinely publish; explains the way we provide the information; states what charges we may make for providing information; and commits us to providing and maintaining the guide , how we provide it and any charges arising You can read a copy here

Council Policies

As part of our commitment to open government, you may read the policies and procedures under which we manage the parish council on your behalf. All our policies are here  If you wish to know more then please contact us.

External Committee Membership

Members of the Parish Council also act as your representatives on the following committees and boards.

Barnsley Doncaster Rotherham Recycling Group(BDR) : Kath Johnson.

Joint Rural Parish Councils Group (JRPC) : Kath Johnson.

Primary Care Joint Commissioning Committee (PCJCC) : Kath Johnson

Banks Wind Farm Liaison Group : Adrian Ashfield

Staffing Committee : Kath Johnson, Adrian Ashfield, David Lawson