The Council operates a budget which is largely made up of the Precept - a sum levied on all households in the Parish.  It may also obtain funding for specific projects and there may be contributions from other sources in some years.

The Responsible Financial Officer of the Council is the Parish Clerk, who operates to strict financial regulations and produces budgets each month and a set of accounts at the end of each financial year (31st March) which are subject to Internal and External Audit.

The External Audit includes the completion of the Annual Return which gives basic information about Council income and expenditure as well as asking the Council to confirm that it is dealing with the money in a proper way.

Statement of Income and Expenditure 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

            Income                                                                                               Expenditure

Precept                   3054.00                                                          Salary                     2254.39

Banks                      1000.00                                                         General Admin         489.46

VAT rebate               364.62                                                         Miscellaneous        2604.58

RBS Interest                  1.87

Total                        4420.49                                                                                           5660.73                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Balance b/fwd        4554.06

Add receipts           4420.49


Less payments        5660.73

Balance                    3313.82

           Balance made up of:

                                                            Current Account       3113.82

                                                            Deposit Account         200.00                Total 3313.82


# Includes salary £442.44 from 2015/16

List of item payments over £100

                    Election Costs       515.88

                    Laptop                    408.58

                    Banks                      100.00

                    Matrix Sign           1813.81

                    Insurance                214.51

                    YLCA subs                117.00

Sue Trenerry Parish Clerk 24 May 2017


Auditors Queries 2016/17 Accounts

Other Receipts; decrease in other receipts due to a decrease in grants received by £608. VAT rebate was £200 less than in 15/16 resulting in a reduction of £808.

Staffing costs; in 15/16 Clerk worked for 9 months and then left the employ of HMPC. Due to Council being inquorate for 3 months in 15//16 a payment of £442.00 was made during 16/17 in addition to full year salary for current Clerk.

Box 6 includes £312.30 VAT rebate

Dates for public consultation of accounts were from 6 June to 14 July 2017. Image of form attached.

Please find attached Statement of Income and Expenditure including item omitted from your earlier copy (VAT paid of £312.30) The item ‘Banks’ covers a grant towards cost of refurbishing a matrix sign in the village to slow down traffic. Grant was from local grant giver, Banks Community Fund for £1000 as itemised.

Fixed Assets. The cost of £1813.81 for refurbishment of matrix sign; This asset is the property of Doncaster MBC and not High Melton Parish Council. The laptop is the property of the Parish Council and was omitted from the annual return in error.

Sue Trenerry