Minutes of Meetings      

Following Local Government protocol, the minutes of all  Parish Council meetings must be approved at the next meeting before they can be published.

After each meeting of the Parish Council,  the clerk or any councillor charged with specific responsibilities will take any necessary action and report back to the meeting

Anyone attending the meetings will be able to hear the minutes being discussed and Privacy of any matters that have arisen as a result of the Parish Councils earlier  actions or deliberations.

Once the minutes are agreed as a true record of the previous meeting,  the 'Clerk to the Parish Council is required to publish them.  Like the agenda, copies of the minutes are posted on notice boards around the village and on this site. Copies are also held in the library at High Melton College

The meetings are administered by the 'Clerk to the Parish Council  if you have any issues you wish to raise with the Parish Council please contact them via the clerk.


High Melton Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting of High Melton Parish Council on

Wednesday 7th November 2018 Cadeby Inn at 7.00

Present at Meeting: Councillors; Johnson (Chair) Lawson, Srivastava, Ashfield and Ward Councillor Ransome. 3 members of the public.

1.        Apologies: Councillor Pick

2.        Declarations of Interest: None received

3.        Minutes of Meeting 17 October 2018: Minutes accepted

4.        Correspondence: Items noted

5.        Financial Update: Cheques for approval: administrative fee for external

            Audit £48.00, printing costs £15.20, wreath (already approved) £17.00.

            Cheques approved.         

6.        Update on Planning Issues: Councillor Lawson stated no planning issues

            to report.

7.        Update on HS2: It appears there are plans to use local lanes and roads

            as access routes to this project – this has implications for safeguarding.

            Public meeting to be held at Reeds Restaurant. Members to attend.

            Councillor Lawson to attend JRP Group on behalf of Councillor Johnson.

            Further discussion at next meeting. Feedback due on consultations by

            21st December.

8.        Update from Working Group on Local Plan: Response was submitted.

9.        Update and Plan Further Action on College Site: Response from DMBC

            had been circulated prior to the meeting. Clerk had confirmed that the

            site has not yet changed hands. No further action at present.

10.      Update on Grass Cutting Following Site Visit: Work was carried out to

            a good standard.      

11.      Update on Safer Road Partnership and Proposals for

            Further Development on Traffic and Road Safety Issues: Discussion re

            various current approaches to consider, Twenty’s Plenty, mobile

            camera. Cars parking on pavement and in the square off Melton Mill

            Lane remains an issue for residents and road safety in general.

            To pursue these issues further it was decided to set up a working

            group. Clerk to draw up draft Terms of Reference. Note to be placed on

            community page informing residents. Councillor Ashfield volunteered

            to join this group. Further discussion at next meeting.     

12.      Update on JRP Group: Next meeting on 20 November.

13.      Update from Working Party re Revising Decision on Banks

            Grant: Working Group recommended that after reviewing new

             information the decision made on 19 Septemberm2018 was not viable 

             and should be overturned. Recommendation accepted.

14.      Update on Consultation Paper Shale Gas: Feedback submitted.

15.      Drainage Issues in Village (Request of Resident) Councillor Johnson had  

            rung DMBC and was informed the situation would be inspected.

16.      Incident on Church Lane (Request of Resident): Councillor Johnson had

            contacted DMBC. The work done last year was on a goodwill one off

            basis and will not be repeated this year. DMBC to pursue.

17.      Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 5 December 2018.

18.      Staffing Issue. Closed item. Members approved up to 20 extra hours

             Clerk’s Pay for current year only.

Public Session. Item 13. Suggestion to apply to Banks for a seat in front of the old village hall. To be discussed at next meeting. Item 16. Councillor Ransome informed meeting that there is DMBC fund available for pothole repair. Clerk to contact DMBC and put Church Lane on the list.

Sue Trenerry

30 November 2018 

Archived Minutes